Stahl shows it hand: “This is how we will help Kanpur’s tanning industry reduce its water usage”

Almost a million Euros (900,000 Euros, to be exact), in cash funds and investments in new facilities, to accompany Kanpur’s leather district in the path to sustainability, both social and environmental. This the pledge made by Stahl, multinational company in the chemicals’ business, made this past November along with 6 partners (Non-for-Profit Solidaridad). The program aims at reducing the tanning district’s water usage by 40% in the next 5 years. The breakdown of all steps “is yet to be defined – says Michael Costello, Stahl’s Environmental director in an interview that you will be able to read in full on the eleventh number of La Conceria -. We know that Kanpur’s Center of Excellence will be open before the end of the second quarter of 2018, while within Stahl Campus (in the same tanning district) one person perfect for the job was hired”. The path is long and challenging: “The technologies to introduce are still being evaluated – concludes Costello -. Our idea is to not offer specific products or innovations until we know exactly what the tanneries need to reduce their water usage, and improve the quality of their wastewater”.



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