The curtain goes up on CLEAR: griffes and tanners comparing to chemical analysis and testing

A first preparatory meeting had already been held in recent weeks, but since yesterday the CLEAR table (Confidence in Leather Analysis Results) can really be defined operational. In the UNIC Milan head office, tanners, brands (Italian and international), big groups (international) and experts, met to discuss chemistry and laboratory testing and tests. The problem to solve is as follows: defining within what margins the results of tests on the presence of chemical molecules on leathers are reliable and which, however, is the margin of imprecision to tolerate. This is a hard challenge, but there is unity of purpose: it is in the interest of all the participants to arrive at a shared solution. In the coming days the parties will continue to contact one another, in view of a new meeting on September 23, immediately after the next Lineapelle (September 20-22).


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