Gucci and Facebook join forces to battle counterfeiting

Gucci and Facebook join forces to battle counterfeiting

Gucci and Facebook join forces to battle counterfeiting. The Italian luxury brand and the US-based giant have filed a joint lawsuit with the District Court of Northern California against a physical person. They accuse the physical person of having violated the service terms and conditions of use of Facebook and Instagram to infringe Gucci’s intellectual property. Other charges include counterfeiting of the brand and unfair competition.

Gucci and Facebook

According to the events’ reconstructions, “the alleged criminal” has utilized different Facebook and Instagram accounts to continue selling counterfeited Gucci replicas. It’s the first joint lawsuit filed by Gucci and Facebook and it represents a warning sign for all those that sell fake products on social media. “The collaboration with brands such as Gucci – reads the joint press statement -, helped Facebook and Instagram develop a protection program for intellectual property that includes a global notification and removal procedure”.

The effort of social media

In 2020 alone, Facebook removed over 1 million contents based on communications with brands such as Gucci, reads the note. In this regards, the anti-counterfeiting team of Gucci caused the removal of over 4 million advertisements for counterfeiting products of various online platforms, during 2020. Moreover: it led authorities to the seizure of 4.1 million counterfeit products offline and the deactivation of 45,000 websites, accounts and pages on social media. There have been other examples of luxury brands collaborating with big e-commerce players. The most recent ones were Valentino and Ferragamo, both of which joined forces with Amazon.

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