September 2018: Lineapelle Innovation Square explores the future. Biotechnologies, robotics, artificial intelligence and much more

The future of leather, fashion and luxury industry is a work in progress. It is due to start officially on September 25-27, at Fieramilano Rho, during Lineapelle95. The fair event is going to open a brand new space, fully dedicated to the most innovative, though actual, frontiers of research over materials and processes. Lineapelle Innovation Square is meant to be “a place to draw inspiration – tell from Lineapelle -, where companies may find new ideas and prompts to direct and develop their own research project lines”. A various range of issues will be presented and debated. “Over 40 exponents of the academic and research community” (coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Israel, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States) will illustrate and spotlight a number of cutting-edge topics, such as “biotechnologies, bio mimetics, circular economy, new materials, artificial intelligence, cooperating robotics, prospective expertise”. “Science provides industry with its results, most applicable to tangible implementations; fashion companies, as usual, will take advantage of such hints and will adjust quickly”. Exploration of the future has just begun.     


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