A New Point of View sends confirmation messages of pragmatism and quality

A New Point of View sends confirmation messages of pragmatism and quality

Yesterday, on the closing day, 23rd September, A New Point Of View  confirmed clues and directions emerged on the first day around stands, located at halls 5 and 7. While dealing with a market on the lookout for some solutions to enjoy a new setup, ahead of a long-awaited recovery, Lineapelle’s special format (which has engaged 320 exhibitors) has launched a few meaningful signs of pragmatism and quality.

Among others, as remarked by Diodato Di Maio, from DMD Solofra: “We are happily and proudly astonished at the number and quality of visitors: we could take care of each of them in a fair manner and time”.

A few signs of pragmatism and quality

“When we came up here our expectations were pretty close to nil – continued Di Maio –. We considered our attendance and participation as a moral duty in order to send a message to the industry, the fashion system and the entire leather community”. Yet, our choice has been well “rewarded”. “Indeed, we have been astonished at the number of visitors” and their attitude as well. “At present, time is a more and more precious asset. People who made a move, therefore, did it for actual and pragmatic reasons: in fact, people who turned up at the stands just for curiosity or idling around were very few”.

Di Maio’s words were echoed by Domenico Maffan, from Faeda tannery, based in Veneto: “We came over here because we had to, with no real expectations though. Yet, conversely, we can say we are happy about our decision, considering how little happy one can be for the time being. Visitors who attended the exhibition proved to be pragmatic and genuinely interested: we go back home, and we may well say we have done our work”. “To be at the fair was important – commented Maurizio Sabato, from Tuscan tannery Sciarada –. Our participation emphasized “we are here”, otherwise we would have sent a negative message. In a nutshell, we can say things went better than expected”.

What we bring back home

A New Point of View has closed its stands. Thanks to the fair, “on the way back to our company – remarked Marco Baldisserotto, from Prealpina tannery, based in Veneto – we are aware that participating in the event was the right choice to send a clean message: we are still, always, strong and fighting fit. Visitors attended the trade show, to a limited extent though.

We cannot compare it to the past of course, yet all visitors, 10 out of 10, showed a genuine interest, in quality and research most of all, regarding green and sustainable issues. Orders have been rather limited as buyers have demanded just for hides which they are going to use; nevertheless, we had much, much lower expectations”. On the way back to Solofra, Diodato Di Maio, instead, “will bring enthusiasm and a token of personal satisfaction for believing in the event in such a complicated situation. On top of that, we are aware we have further strengthened relations with our clients who showed up in Milan. When one goes through difficult times, staying close is of paramount importance”.

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