Accessories and parts at Lineapelle: hyper-decoration and technical innovation, the two universes of style

With the new trend of hyper-decoration and contrasting decoration, the world of accessories and parts is currently enjoying a moment of unprecedented stardom. Indeed, the exhibitors at Lineapelle registered an increase in interest on the part of the visitors and pulled out all the stops, letting their imagination loose in a wide range of proposals. Jewels for sandals and shoes, embroideries, studs, zips in all sizes and materials, rhinestone, feathers and precious stones. “Originality must never overflow and cross the boundary into bad taste – we are reminded by Simona Baldoncini of the Val di Chienti Plast Heel Factory (Morrovalle, Macerata) – it is important to offer original things, but always without going too far, always remaining feminine”, she emphasises, showing off heels with jewels and geometric patterns “that do not distract the focus from the shoe itself”. The concept of craftsmanship was also a roaring success in the world of small parts, such as the embroideries of Dipama Italia (Civitella del Tronto, Teramo), extremely popular with designer brands, or the ponyskin weaves with a three-dimensional feel by Creativity (Castelfiorentino, Firenze). And technical innovation is also a much sought-after concept in the parts segment, especially for sporty chic fashion, which has now been popular for several years: an extra-large zip in ultra-lightweight plastic, reversible buttons and eyelets that serve as clip closures were the centre of attention at the stand of YKK (Pero, Milano); and the same can be said for the steel chains in changeable colours in the new line by Battista Accessori (Casandrino, Napoli).


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