Dull trend at Première Vision Paris as exhibition highlights market slowdown and difficulties

The event took place on September 12-14 in its traditional venue, located at Paris Nord Villepinte. Around 240 exhibitors, about half of whom were Italians, participated in the fair. The exhibition, which closed its stands a few days ago, highlighted some trend factors to be considered, though it is not big news in the end. Première Vision Leather latest edition, which came to an end yesterday, stressed an overall slowdown; in addition, the fair drew attention to a very polarised market and, at the same time, to its deeply difficult situation underway. Leather goods prove to perform successfully: in fact, like we said yesterday, they turn out to be the most profitable sector in the fashion industry (after clothing), whereas footwear is limping along. A few big fashion brands have reinforced their business; conversely, others are still facing some instability. The industry is dealing with the situation and looks for suitable solutions, aiming to enhance manufacturing flexibility and services. Next edition is scheduled on September 17-19.

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