Fashion, design, Innovation Talks: Lineapelle London (January 22nd) opens the door to the future

The sign that is making a difference is easy to find. It’s the future. That of fashion, as stylistic tendency. That of production, as an innovative exploration of processes and materials. That of creativity, tied to internal design. Next Tuesday, on January 22nd, the new edition of Lineapelle London will take place, inside the Ham Yard Hotel, in London: “event that – as explains the organizers from Lineapelle -, attracts the top British clientele”. There will be 42 businesses showcasing the first samples of the summer season 2020: 37 Italian ones, of which 27 are tanneries, 7 manufacturers of accessories and components, and 8 companies of textile and synthetic materials.

The future of the fashion industry will be the topic of seminars (curated by Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee), that will analyze, in-depth, the fashion challenge of the CO-NATURAL mood, which identifies “the distinction between human and machine that is becoming less and less visible. Thinking CO-NATURAL means facing important topics, such as the sustainability of one’s manufacturing process as well as the matter of traceability. It means to conscientiously understand the complexity and mobility of the contemporary world”.

The future of interior design will be the topic of the seminar Relationship Between Materials, Designer & User, which “will compare leather, craftsmanship, and stylistic approach, all in with an eye towards product customization within the interior design segment”.

And last, but not least, the future meant as an innovational propensity, will pick back up from the experience at Lineapelle Innovation Square (September 2018), and it will be the topic of “Innovation Talks, which will also be at Lineapelle New York (Metropolitan Pavilion, January 30-31, 2019). These events will host trend analysts, influencers, innovators, designers, and manufacturers of materials, all joining together to be inspired by the innovation that is presented, stimulated by the discussions and potential partnerships. The topics of discussion will be many: customization, bio-manufacturing, functionalized materials, circular fashion, and how all this is intertwined and connected with fashion and seasonal trends now in effect”.


In photo: a work meeting during the last edition of Lineapelle London in July.


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