Lineapelle heads for Spain to present winter 2019/20 trends in Igualada and Alicante

Lineapelle’s style roadshow goes on. Next destination, reached yesterday and today: Spain. First around Igualada tanneries, then in the core of Elche footwear cluster. Lineapelle has come over to Spain to present a sneak preview of the style key trends for fall/winter season 2019/2020, formerly designed by LP Fashion Committee. Yesterday the workshop (in cooperation with Acexpiel, the Spanish leather association) took place in the leather cluster located in Igualada (Barcelona), at the Adio Adoberìa Bella space. Today, in Elche, they held one more meeting, which has just concluded, directed at footwear creative designers. The event (set in collaboration with AEC, the association of Spanish manufacturers of accessories and components) took place at the IFA Institution Ferial Alicantina: around 70 professionals met up there. Such was the starting point of both style issues: “Reflections between real and fake”, which is the theme that summarizes all trends. At the same time, it introduces “the contemporary juxtapositions that affect our sense of beauty in the present, therefore also the processing of materials and the concept of colors”. Next week, on Monday 14 May, Lineapelle’s roadshow will get back to Italy, namely in Fermo.


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