What if Swaziland had a tannery? They are thinking about it in Africa

Swaziland could also have its “own” tannery. The proposed creation of a production site in the African country, known as the Eswatini Kingdom (official name), was advanced by the top managers of Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI), international organism created to support the development of the tanning industry in the Southern area of the continent. The entity is directed by Nicholas Mudungwe and Harrison Mungay. The two representatives from ALLPI launched a research study on the feasibility of the construction of a tannery in one of the two cities of the country and generated interest around the idea. Between April 8th and 1th of 2019, a group of 28 exponents from various institutions: Ministry of Commerce, Agriculture, and Defense, Gwamile Vocational and Commecial Training Institute of Matsapha (VOCTIM), Eswatini College of Technology (ECOT), entrepreneurial and artisanal representatives from the leather goods’ segment, leather and slaughterhouses segments of the Kingdom. Mudungwe and Mungai spoke to the group regarding the development of a business plan and implementation of resources from SMBs present on the territory, a well-liked proposal that was transversally accepted and that will develop throughout the next few months, among which is the detection of a potential location in which to put the new industrial cluster.


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