Lineapelle London, 10 July 2018: a smart attitude event, which proves to be rewarding. Bustle, curiosity and creativity prompts

“It is the right event, in the right place, to come across and tackle creativity hints that arise from a very important market, with regard to style trend evolution”, remarks one of the exhibitors. “Smart visitors, smart location, positive and proactive contacts, both traditional and new, which are meant to be a valuable starting point for rewarding and profitable cooperation, bound to continue next September, in Milan”, emphasizes another participant. Both of them (among 49 exhibitors who showed up yesterday at Ham Yard Hotel) have been giving a short and effective picture of Lineapelle London, which kicked off yesterday, and ended on the same day, in the British capital city. It turns out, then, that the fair reaffirms its leading role, as for style trends, while drawing, as usual, startup companies, style consultants and prestigious brands. In other words, “an excellent calling card to get into the British market, and reinforce it as well, therefore showing how cutting-edge our products are, from whichever point of view, including fashion and sustainability”. Two trend presentation seminars, both sold out, focused on winter 2019/20, spotlighted such “proficiency” mentioned above. Likewise, they also depicted it during “The Tuscan Way. Vegetable leather: what is it about and what is its story?” seminar, curated by the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium. Many visitors expressed their deep concerns: in such uncertain context, Lineapelle London holds as a steady landmark.


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