Lineapelle95: summarizing winter 19/20 in three key concepts. The second one is Collector’s Eye

There we go with the second key concept. After focusing on the verb “to reflect”, the first key concept that is going to characterize the winter 2019/2020 trends, suggested at Lineapelle95 and shared together yesterday, there we go with the second common benchmark. The starting point is given by a suggestion introduced by Nicholas Mirzoeff, a theorist of visual culture and Professor at the Department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. His words are taken from the book “The way you can see the world – An introduction to images: from self-portrait to selfie, from maps to films (and even more)”. “Image is the core of imagination. Visual culture is supposed to send answering messages every day, striving to understand multiple changes in the world, which is far too vast to be seen and, therefore, we must be able to imagine in our mind”. Such concepts may be found again in the present key concept: Collector’s Eye, that is, as pointed out by Antonella Bertagnin, supervisor of Lineapelle’s Fashion Committee, “to look at current fashion through the eyes and the vision of a contemporary art collector: blending things randomly, exploring different ages inside a virtual archive where innovation apparently derives from chaos, a pleasure, a curiosity, without any stereotyped chronology, just going after your own inclination. That is exciting and inspires a deep sense of freedom and transgression”. See you tomorrow for the third (and last) fashion key concept.


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