Mipel Lab 2.0: the leather sourcing hub is back at Lineapelle

Mipel Lab 2.0: the leather sourcing hub is back at Lineapelle

Mipel Lab 2.0. From February 22nd to the 24th, Lineapelle will host the 2nd edition of the concept exhibit by Assopellettieri that is dedicated to promoting leather sourcing across Italy’s market. 16 companies “that passed the strict selection process”, will be present, explained Assopellettieri’s president Franco Gabbrielli.

Mipel Lab 2.0

What can we expect from this 2nd edition of Mipel Lab?

There is a lot of enthusiasm in the wait, as we have an incredible market perspective in front of us.

Which one?

While it’s true that luxury leather goods are almost exclusively manufactured in Italy now, the accessible-luxury segment is still to be conquered. Here made-in-Italy production can and must increase its market share.

What are the goals of this 2nd edition?

Beside from creating the opportunity to have brands and manufacturers meet, we want to show that Italy isn’t only an artisanal shop, but a country that is able to industrialize the production process. So, beside from small shops, we have many large and structured enterprises that can supply the demand of brands. I imagine a Leather Valley, just like we have a Motor Valley.


What companies will participate?

We received many requests to participate, and they were all reviewed by a commission of 5 experts. Only healthy, safe, credible companies with excellent requisites were admitted. Italy can’t go wrong on this front: it would impact its credibility.

Are leather goods’ companies the only ones participating?

Leather goods and accessories. In the future we will move in this very direction to involve companies that make belts and other leather accessories as well.

The future of Lineapelle

What are Mipel Lab’s future developments?

A digital version of the event will be launched before a month from now. A B2B platform, dedicated to sourcing via AI algorithm, will be able to put brands in contact with Italian leather goods’ manufacturers. We are talking about a hallmark that will be assigned to present companies.

How does the synergy with Lineapelle work?

Lineapelle was and continues to be the main requirement for Mipel Lab. We went to New York with Lineapelle and intend on following the fair everywhere. We have important projects to share with the latter and I am sure that the future collaborations will be a success.

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