Mipel Lab, good (again) the second: positive feedback to Lineapelle

Mipel Lab, good (again) the second: positive feedback to Lineapelle

Good (again) the second one. Mipel Lab (a project dedicated to Italian sourcing of excellence, organised by Assopellettieri in partnership with Lineapelle) hits the target. And it does so after involving 16 companies in the project, four of which are new entries compared to the debut of last September. Namely: BMB Manifattura Borse, Colonnelli 2.0, Falor and Frassineti.

The second is good again

“There is movement, there is quality in contacts and visitors,” says Stefano Giacomelli of Tivoli Group, one of the exhibitors and promoters of the initiative. “There are people who arrive with clear ideas, there are few curious people. I believed in Mipel Lab right from the start, and I have returned for this second edition believing in it even more. The situation is interesting. The success of the initiative has been confirmed. If in September 2021 it was a pilot project, now Mipel Lab has a consolidated base and represents a formula that works”.

Solidity and structure

“Among the visitors who come to Lineapelle to look for materials, accessories and components, we represent the productive reality – explains Giacomelli -. We are structured companies, and this is a warranty, representing the Italian industry. Especially for foreigners who come to Italy to produce and think they will only find small companies. We give the image of consolidated companies that offer a complete service, just like the big foreign groups, but with an unparalleled flexibility”.

Craftsmanship and industry

“The craftsmanship of Italian companies must be communicated in the right way and contextualised,” continues the Tuscan entrepreneur, “otherwise it risks becoming a limitation for Made in Italy itself. We must make our manufacturing skills known, but also our ability to make industry”.

Producing in Italy

Many brands are moving production to Italy, or expanding their markets by licensing accessories and footwear to Italian companies already experienced in these sectors. “We have noticed that many emerging brands, which may have only made clothing until now, are opening up to leather goods. Those who do not have specific technical skills are looking for support in product development from those who have a well-established production system, from which they can benefit in efficiency”.

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