The conditions in European tanneries, Community assessment tools: Cotance at work on safety and health

Cotance (the European Federation of National Tanning Associations) and “industriAll” (federation of trade union organisations) are aiming at checking current levels of attention and practices for the health and safety of workplaces in tanneries; and updating the tools for evaluation and certification by companies. The Project Steering Committee, which met on May 11 in Paris and will meet for the second time in September 2018, will include UNIC (National Union of Tanners Industry), ACEXPIEL (Spain), FFTM (France), UKLF (United Kingdom ) And VDL (Germany). The committee will revise and update OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment), a Community tool created in 2010 and available since 2013 for small and medium size tanners to self-assess the levels of safety and health of their workplaces. At the same time, there will be an investigation on how the European skin care companies are currently addressing the issue. Cotance and industriAll will collaborate with ICLT (Institute for Creative Leather Technologies) of the University of Northampton and Prevent, a Belgian consulting company. (Photo taken from the competition Leather is my job called by Cotance)


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