Paris and Expo Riva, Milano Unica and Misaf: fairs move online

Paris and Expo Riva, Milano Unica and Misaf: fairs move online

The exhibition agenda, scheduled from today until the beginning of 2021, keeps changing in a digital perspective. And it must be necessarily so, considering the pandemic consequences. From Paris exhibitions to Expo Riva Schuh, from Milano Unica to Misaf, let us see how fairs are going to move online.


Likewise, in France the pandemic is forcing trade shows to modify their own agenda. Among others, for example, Parisian Who’s Next has decided to cancel its January 2021 edition (for the records, they made the same decision last September). The fair, which was formerly scheduled on January 22-24, is now going to take place on March 5-7, together with Première Classe. As for Première Vision, it will be on the agenda, on its online portal, “next February to launch a spring-summer 2022 edition which is already predicted to be a sort of hybrid show”. Considering this specific adjective, they might possibly arrange a physical show to a certain extent and a digital one in part. Yet, according to some sources, the exhibition will eventually take place in the second format only. In other words, only online.

Milano Unica

“We regret a great deal we are going to miss such opportunity to meet up and share, which is exclusively provided by human relations. Yet, as a matter of fact, we are facing a forced decision. We had to make it, in all conscience, due to the present international health situation, which keeps lasting in time”. While making this statement, Alessandro Barberis Canonico, President of Milano Unica, announced the online edition of the event, scheduled in February 2021. MU 32nd edition will therefore take place on digital platform e-MilanoUnica Connect.

Expo Riva Schuh

Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags online editions will take place on 16-19 January 2021, exclusively in a digital format though. Organizers have announceda full panel of services and marketing tools to foster and make tangible a close network of relations between buyers and companies exhibiting their products”. In addition to this, they are going to simultaneously arrange Expo Riva Show – The Shoe Connection: specifically, an agenda filled with talk-shows, presentations and testimonials, which will go hand in hand with exhibitors and buyers’ business meetings.


Likewise, MISAF – Milan Shoes and Accessories Fair opted for a digital edition as well. The Milanese event is about to kick off tomorrow, 5th December 2020, and will go on until Saturday 19th December, in a fully remote mode and, as emphasized by organizers, “in 3D”. The name given to the event is Misaf Virtual Exhibition. “It will host – as they made public in a press announcement – exhibitors coming from Zhejiang, Fujiang, Guandong, Sichuan, Shandong, Jiangsu and from China’s most important manufacturing areas, which currently amount to over 200”. On top of that, the exhibition is also going to welcome “operators coming from other countries as well as exhibitors playing in the footwear and accessories industry, who are constantly on the lookout for new showcases for presenting their products”.

In the picture: An Expo Riva Schuh edition prior to Covid-19

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