Simac Tanning Tech spotlights the Targa Verde (“Green Plate”) project as “an innovative tool to assess efficiency and sustainability”

Today, at Simac Tanning Tech Lounge, the dedicated venue for the meetings with foreign delegations, Assomac presented the Targa Verde (“Green Plate”) project, “a distinctive element” that aims to provide manufacturers and machinery users with useful tips, thus “reaffirming – points out the association of Italian technology for tanning, leather goods and footwear industries – some standards, in terms of efficiency and environmental impact reduction, to achieve sustainable manufacturing accomplishments”. Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, president of Assomac and Simac Tanning Tech, clears it up this way: “Focusing on such issues, which are at this point essential for the market, led our association to invest assets and resources in the Supplier of Sustainable Technologies project: Targa Verde (“Green Plate”) therefore is clearly a further step as evidence of the companies’ commitment, also looking ahead at Industry 4.0. The event, which goes on for three days, will give the opportunity to personally get to know innovative solutions and efficient manufacturing processes: technology and a look to the future are our calling card, and the fair is the perfect place to exhibit them. Hides, footwear and leather articles will be resulting from common endeavours, aiming to make more and more eco-friendly and creditable products, thus enhancing the made in Italy value, based on quality, innovation and creativity, acknowledged worldwide”.


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