Style, innovation, logistics are Lineapelle92 buyers’ and designers’ new key factors

Natural effects and bright colours were the highlights of the 2017 edition of Lineapelle92 (February 21 to 23 held in Rho, Milan). In her first visit to the fair, young fashion student Giovanna Mercanti was “fascinated by different materials” and, in particular, by “naturally tanned skins and by the variety of colours.” Another visitor, who preferred to remain anonymous because a representative of a renowned fashion brand declared that “there wasn’t anything particularly new”, despite having “come across something interesting”. “I have seen many products with exposed natural effects – continues – but I’ve found impressive high-frequency processing and three-dimensional prints.” A textile designer of a US premium brand, however, said he was told by the style department to “pick up the widest possible range of samples because next collections will see an increase of leather products”. The accessories designer of the medium-high British brand who was attending the fair for the 5th year, on the other hand, said that because of Brexit (“that favoured the sales of luxury and fast fashion brands while harming the one for the middle market”) had “to pay attention to the price.” When asked what would he expect from suppliers, she replied: “Mainly logistics, i.e., the ability to send the materials to the plants that we have around the world”.



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