Talking about the positive aspects of Italian footwear trip to Kiev

Talking about the positive aspects of Italian footwear trip to Kiev

A positive trip to Ukraine for Italy’s footwear segment. La moda italiana @ Kiev, 2nd stop of the Eastern European trip being taken after Kazakhstan and before Obuv in Moscow, closed its doors on October 13th, 2021. For exhibitors, the balance is positive. If on one side the pandemic is still slowing visits and bringing uncertainty on the market, on the other side buyers want to buy made-in-Italy products. Moreover: they need to. That’s because their stock is low and, more importantly, logistic operations tied to price increments and Asian suppliers are complicating their supply chains.

A positive trip

Pompeo Iachini (La Repo)

The fair’s balance is positive, thanks to clients that didn’t show at Micam. But also, thanks to the current transfer of footwear materials by continental clients from Asia to Europe, including Italy. Clients prefer to pay more to have certain and on-time deliveries, compared to the current situation in Asia, where there is great uncertainty surrounding actual delivery times for goods. We also did well as a company in Kiev, as we got clients coming from outside Ukraine as well. I think this fair is a stepping stone for 2/3 good coming years”.

Carlo Barbato (Accademia)

“We are recovering, but we are doing so slowly. We will need time to return the trade levels that we reached before the pandemic. Yet, faced with a slow summer, in terms of sales, clients tell us that winter shoes being sold now are doing better than expected. Everything even with the custom issues and uncertainties caused by the pandemic. Uncertainties that we could face in Obuv Moscow, where all Russian buyers and nearby republics should be coming. Will they be there? We sure hope so!”

Francesca Achilli (Halmanera)

“Kiev confirmed a cautious optimism that is characterizing the Spring-Summer 2022 collection sales, whish is nearly complete. In Kiev too, as in all the fairs we will participate in, we introduce ourselves with a clear strategy: we only work with appointments with our most important clients and, almost always, we finalize our sales online. The latter are, for us, the most important global selling channel, thanks to the platform created and patented by our marketing team”.

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