Confindustria Moda: the fashion chain generates 107 billion and is culture

Confindustria Moda: the fashion chain generates 107 billion and is culture

La Bellezza Utile is the name of the event held just a few days ago in Milan (in photo on the left) that allowed Confindustria Moda and its member associations (and adjacent chains), to tell their stories under a new light. A cultural light that once again explained the reasons behind what organized last September (always in Milan) at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

From a linkage with the past, it switched to digital and futurable ones shown during the Meet Digital Culture Center. The topic: the recovery and “immersive” presentation of the photo archive by Heinz Schattner. The goal: presenting the chains that will be present at Fieramilano Rho starting next Sunday, February 19th (Micam, Mipel, Lineapelle, TheOne, Homi Fashion & Jewels). All with the awareness that the feedback from the two fairs that recently ended (Milano Unica and Mido) was positive. The fashion chain is culture, as highlighted by Ercole Botto Poala, president of Confindustria Moda.

The fashion chain generates 107 billion and is culture

Confindustria Moda is the master-association that represents the main fashion associations of Italy. It includes Sistema Moda Italia (SMI), Assopellettieri, UNIC – Italian Tanneries, Anfao (eyewear) and Assocalzaturifici. And again AIP (fur) and Federorafi. Overall, it represents over 65,000 SMBs that employ (directly), 600,000 people. Large numbers that lead to a sizable revenue of more than 107 billion euro for 2022, up 16% on 2021 and 9% on 2019. So long, pandemic.

“Italian culture generates 107 billion in revenue – comments Botto Poala -. I am talking about culture because made-in-Italy wouldn’t exist without the influence that arts have had on our productions from the Renaissance onward. Made-in-Italy is itself a brand that allows us to have a competitive advantage, built by ourselves, thanks to the creation of excellent products that are well done and beautiful”.

Fairs are “our fuel”

Starting with the positive feedbacks from 2022, Botto Poala explains: “We are looking to 2023 with optimism even with all the geopolitical concerns that impact us”. In other words, “we expect a positive and solid 2023”. A year that, once again, will benefit from the fairs that bring to Milan about “150,000 buyers from all over the world” and represent a perfect example of how “it was decided to become a system”. Fairs – continues the president of Confindustria Moda – currently are and remain the main tool for us to present our products to the world. Our SMBs can reach the world through fairs: it’s of paramount importance that they be held at the right moment and executed in the correct manner”. Simply put: “Fairs are the fuel that makes our engines run”.

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