The two ways of Richmont: between rumours and cessions is there the renovation or the disposal of the fashion segment?

The rumour tha has destabilised the most observer is that of a possible sale of Chloè: a prolific brand (450 million turnover) and, moreover, growing. The rumour has yet to be confirmed and, in a way, is offset by another indiscretion never confirmed: that according to which Richemont could be interested in Ferragamo. It is not clear what is going to happen upstairs at the Swiss conglomerate. Signals are conflicting and leading to different directions. To take stock is a report published by MFF. One one side there are the cessions: those that are certain, like Shanghai Tang sold last summer to a ropeway led by Alessandro Battagli, and those upcoming, like the transition of Lancel, bought in 1997 for the equivalent of 270 million euros and today with a turnover of 130 million. Transactions that would leave us thinking of a divestiture of the fashion segment, along the lines of what has been done by the German JAB: that is the withdrawal by Richemont at the source of 17% of revenues. Opposite directions, however, come from the acquisitions made in the last period: Serapian for leather goods and G/Fore, fashion for golfers. Moves that would better suggest the restructuring of the sector. Therefore something big may happen to Alaïa and Dunhill. We’ll see some good ones.


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