D&G walk the catwalk in Florence: a renascence with leather and artisans

D&G walk the catwalk in Florence: a renascence with leather and artisans

D&G walk the catwalk in Florence. Models paraded along a huge red stage, lily-shaped, to celebrate the entire magnificence of the Florentine Renaissance. On September 2nd, in the evening, Dolce & Gabbana presented their men’s Alta Sartoria collection, in the Salone dei Cinquecento (the Hall of the Five Hundred), which is the most imposing chamber of Palazzo Vecchio, adorned with paintings by Vasari.

Items, made of silk, gold, silver, leather, straw, brocade, feathers and precious stones have been created by the two Sicilian fashion designers in collaboration with 38 Florentine artisans, selected by reason of their inestimable work. “The Florentine Renaissance is a symbol, to us, of formidable quality, pure creativity and top-notch manual skill”, commented Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The fashion brand has arranged, together with Pitti Immagine and the Municipality of Florence, a three-day event called “The Renaissance and Renascence” (on the agenda on September 2-4).

D&G walk the catwalk in Florence

While selecting the most skilled craftsmanship, D&G have chosen, of course, some artisans working hides and leather. They have appointed the Consorzio Cuoio di Toscana to manufacture three one-of-a-kind articles – namely an outerwear, a bag and a pair of shoes –, designed together with the two fashion designers by making use of some cutting-edge techniques that assemble modernity and tradition.

Besides the consortium, D&G have also selected and supplied with international visibility Dimitri Villoresi (Dimitri Villoresi Bags), chosen by reason of his creating handmade leather bags and accessories: sewing machines are rather replaced by cobbler’s knives, punches, scissors, needle and thread. Furthermore, they also spotlighted Saskia Wittmer (Saskia Scarpe su Misura), born in Germany but bred in Florence.

Saskia creates tailored shoes exclusively by using, thanks to her talented expertise, top-quality hides and fabrics. Stefano Bemer, a master in the manufacturing of strictly handmade shoes, created with attention and commitment.

Simone Taddei, who creates some handmade leather and refined boxes and jewel cases, were on the stage as well.

The next events

Today, September 3rd, events are going on, as per schedule, in the Italian-styled garden at Villa Bardini, where Alta Moda Donna (women’s haute couture) will be walking the catwalk. The fashion show will conclude on September 4th: guests will have dinner at Bargino, Cantine Antinori.

All events will be available in streaming on Dolce & Gabbana and Pitti Immagine web platforms. Moreover, a limited-edition book is going to tell about the partnership between D&G and Florentine craftsmanship: they created the volume with the contribution of Cuoio di Toscana.

The book, leather hardcover, provides a description of each artisan and depicts sketches about the objects they will present. It is a kind of guided tour in town. Works made by artisans will be on display, enshrined into precious cases, at Palazzo Vecchio, in the Cortile di Michelozzo (the Courtyard by Michelozzo): the exhibition begins on September 2nd and will conclude on October 15th.

Pictures taken from Instagram

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