Ferrari is the strongest brand in the world, says Brand Finance

Ferrari è il marchio più forte al mondo, dice Brand Finance

Ferrari is the strongest brand in the world, while Amazon is the one that is worth most. Brand Finance, a consulting company that specializes in brand economic valuation, assessed 1,500 brands, which are the most important ones worldwide. They subsequently reported the valuation results in their Global 500 annual analysis.

2020 results

As we have just said, Ferrari turns out to be the strongest brand in the world. When it comes to value, Amazon have been top ranking for the third year in a row: for the very first time, their turnover exceeded 200 billion dollars. Google and Apple are the runner-up and the third best respectively. Gucci is the first Italian brand in the rankings.

Talking about fashion…

As regards apparel, a widespread business indeed, the leading brand, in 40th position, is Nike (34.8 billion dollars). Adidas have been losing some ground (5 positions), whereas Louis Vuitton have gained 17 positions. Talking about the best performers, Chanel (+16), Hermès (+11) and Dior (remarkably +30) stand out. Conversely, Coach has been losing 39 positions in the rankings (their current rank is n.300).

…and about managers

Bernard Arnault, LVMH President and chief executive officer, is currently placing second in the Brand Guardianship Index, drafted by Brand Finance. In the rankings, score ranges from zero to 100, and depends on the valuation of the managers’ performance while acting as leaders and ambassadors of their own brands. Arnault is nearly placing in pole position, just behind Marillyn Hewson (Lockheed Martin). François-Henri Pinault, Kering, is currently placing in position n.12. Alain Wertheimer, Chanel, is ranked 24, while Axel Dumas, Hermès, is currently ranked 63.

Picture taken from Brand Finance valuation rankings



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