Smart Shoe: by Zhor-Tech the solution that analyzes the pace and discovers the symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

At the stand of Zhor-Tech, during the recent show held in Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Show (January 6-11), Karim Oumnia, the engineer who founded of the startup in 2014, presented his latest invention: M-Cube, a chip that, inserted between the sole and the insole, is able to determine 12 parameters on body’s mobility. “Hundreds of medical studies – explained Oumnia – prove the direct relationship between pace analysis and some neurological disabilities such as Parkinson’s, sclerosis and Alzheimer’s. Our technology becomes a system for individuation. The person is advised by the shoe and should consult a doctor”. Among the parameters, the balance, the length of the step, its cadence and heaviness, and the speed of pace. Zhor-Tec, based in Nancy, France, already has some prestigious customers for tried and tested systems, such as the Canadian Dakota (safety chip in its work shoes) and Jimmy Choo for the Voyager boot model that adopts a heating system for the sole (rechargeable and controlled by an App) able to bring temperatures up to 43 degrees.


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