“I prefer politics”: following a controversial year of boycotts, Ivanka Trump shuts down her label

Mrs Ivanka Trump shuts down Ivanka Trump brand. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, US tycoon and President’s daughter has decided to close her own business label. Officially, her decision depends on professional reasons. Apparently, the brand founder (in the picture), who has been working at the White House, for a year, as President Trump’s advisor, wants to focus her efforts on politics: hence she left the fashion business. More than likely, though, Ivanka has also made her decision while considering the real and potential effects of her public commitment on the fashion house: in fact, in 2016 Ivanka Trump sales probably took advantage of her huge social and media popularity, but controversies and boycott campaigns that came up after deeply undermined the marketing appeal of wear collections. After firing 18 people, formerly employed in her company, Ivanka Trump has not ruled out that she might leave the fashion industry forever, regardless of her father’s success in politics.


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