At 2018 UNIC – Italian Tanneries meeting focus on the leather industry trend: both earnings (+1.8%) and volumes (+6.1%) go up, despite overall instability

Good news for Italy’s tanning industry: in 2017, the overall leather manufacturing increased by 6.1% compared to the year before (129 million square metres of finished leather and 11,000 tons of leather sole). In addition to volumes, earnings went up as well (+1.8%, that is, 5.1 billion euros). Good news from overseas markets as well, since they drive 75% of sales: the international turnover (3.8 billion euros) increased, in the end, by around 1%. UNIC – Italian Tanneries general meeting spotlighted the business trend of the leather industry throughout 2017, as depicted in the annual economic report presented at the meeting. Last year was a good one: in fact, as emphasized in the report, “the industry enjoyed a boost again, after a tough two-year period marked by slight downturns”. Italy’s leather industry also turned out to be a leading player in tough times; it is reasonable to predict, therefore, a great performance in a fair scenario. In 2017, Italian leather tanning industry was worth 20% of global manufacturing, in terms of incomes, and 65% of the European one; Italian tanners have been exporting 27% of overall leather in the world.


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