Leather tows Italy: tanning and fashion among the economy’s Champions

La pelle traina l'Italia: concia e moda tra i Champions economici

Leather tows Italy’s economy. ItalyPost research center run a research study on Italian companies that registered the best performances during the period 2012-2018. The list is made of 1,000 companies divided into groups based on their results. At the top of the ranking are the “20 big” companies that have revenues between 500 million euro and 1 billion euro. To view the entire list click here: https://www.italypost.it/aziende/

The selection

800 of the 1,000 companies were selected via the database Aida-Bureau Van Dijk and the Registro Imprese of Infocamere. ItalyPost research center kept in mind the average growth of profits and the ratio between the company’s NFP and avg. EBITDA (which was to remain below 2.8). Last, it considered only the companies with an “Optimal” rating, attributed by Modefinance. The other 200 companies have revenues between 120 million and 500 million, but had also to pass the profits and NFP to EBITDA ratio levels set. There are no companies in the list owned by foreign entities or people, PE Funds, or national groups with over 500 million euro in revenue, as well as co-op entities.

Leather tows the cart

Among the companies able to contribute the most in Italy, also following the Covid-19 emergency, are tanneries. IlyPost’s lists include Tuscany-based B.C.N. (which went from a revenue of 15,883 million euro in 2012 to 29,522 in 2018) and Gruppo Conciario C.M.C. International (from 32,545 to 43,482). Then Rinaldi Conceria (from 15,998 to 30,717) and Colonna Spa (from 63,646 to 86,571, which controls Conceria 800, Marbella Pellami, Falco Pellami, Chem-Tec, and 49% of Blutonic and Luxury Tannery). Additionally, there are Gruppo Nuti (from 84,788 to 125,382), Bonaudo (from 11,893 to 26,746) and Condorpelli (from 14,237 to 22,189). In the veneto region, we find 3 C Lavorazione Pelli (from 18,594 to 25,815).

Shoes, handbags and accessories

Another important contribution comes from the footwear and leather goods segments. The list, in fact, contains names such as Naples’ Guerriero Produzione Pelletterie  (from 30,227 million to 87,216), Vicenza-based Pelletterie Palladio  (from 10,822 to 37,430) and Tripel Due, based in Florence (from 26,462 to 47,542). The footwear manufacturers such as Padova-based Alida (from 12,499 to 23,421), Verona’s Jumbo (from 9,785 to 28,36), Treviso-based S.C.A.R.P.A.  (from 59,487 to 102,182), Lecce-based LEO SHOES  (from 11,816 to 109,756), Fermo-based A.S.S.O.  (from 16,566 to 25,015). But there are also brand names as Venice’s René Caovilla (from 12,518 to 26,648) and La Sportiva, which is located in the Trentino Alto Adige region (from 47,254 to 115,781). Then we can find Rimini-based Aeffe Group (from 254,080 to 346,556), Brunello Cucinelli (from 279,321 to 552,996), Furla (from 212,830 to 513,358), Giuseppe Zanotti (from 81,242 to 150,466) and Piquadro (from 56,267 to 147,472). Last but not least, there is Capri, company that manages the brands Alcott and Gutteridge (from 113,368 to 250,881), Florence-based Leo France (from 74,542 to 119,674) and Campania’s Harmont & Blaine (from 57,475 to 91,095).

The other players of the chain

There are also other names that play a role in the industry tht have made into the list. Among these are: SICIT (from 28,830 to 55,122), Alpinestars company based in Treviso manufacturing protective gear for motorcyclists (from 105,895 to 175,899) or chemicals’ group GSC based in Vicenza (from 45,904 to 69,079).




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