Two colours, six interpretations: Lineapelle97 is green and red

Lineapelle, i colori, le sensazioni

The first explanation, the simplest one, is that green and red are Lineapelle97 colours simply because they filled the fair spaces and areas. In fact, at Fieramilano Rho, on October 2-4, all of the exhibition setups had green nuances. Conversely, Trend areas, which are the place where Lineapelle Fashion Committee pinpoints and selects the style suggestions that most stand out at the fair, were in red. On this fair edition the fashion industry showed off its best, despite a complicated business situation overall. In such context, the combination of colours, mentioned above, takes a wide symbolic value. For more than one reason, for six reasons actually. Let us see them.

Green, for hope. Tanners and manufacturers of materials are business players who make their own daily choices while looking at facts; for sure, they cannot pass for dreamers. Nevertheless, in such a difficult economic situation, currently underway, they are confident they will succeed in strengthening their own market positions, as long as companies hold a vision and a plan. More than likely, then, they are entitled to look ahead and trust in the future.

Green, for sustainability. The fashion industry is striving hard to review and revise, at all stages, their processes, while tackling green issues. Leather industry, which has already worked a lot to reduce its environmental impact and consumption, is still up-to-date. It proves to be sustainable (and it is like that indeed).

Green, the colour of the army. In fact, combativeness is a mandatory requisite to keep playing in the arena, despite a complicated or challenging scenario, depending on different standpoints. Lineapelle97 restates, once again, that suppliers of materials for fashion are not going to give up. They are passionate, thus armed and ready.

Red, for style. All right, that is the Trend areas colour. Yet, it is also the prevalent shade in the products presented by exhibitors. Get ready: cold season will not adapt to dark palettes. Fall/Winter 2020-21 collections will leap out promptly.

Red, for stop. Saying stop to fake news and misleading information, saying stop to dodgy players. The market feels confused because of agitprops based on so-called green choices that aim to eliminate materials deriving from animals. Tanneries do not fear this challenge. It must be a fair play though.

Red, for passion. Lineapelle97 is appealing, enticing, alluring: it is a sexy and coveted exhibition. The fair event has confirmed its magnetic attraction towards exhibitors and visitors. No matter what – regardless of any concerns – they fly over to Milan to be there. Lineapelle is the place to be.



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