Primark’s style: copies made in Italy in a cheaper way and makes a bang

Primark's style: copies made in Italy in a cheaper way and makes a bang

A simpler business model than this is difficult to imagine: you look at the top of the range, imitate it (in a cheaper way, of course) and take the applause of the public. It’s the fast fashion technique, it’s Primark‘s style. Which offers a coat (priced at 40 euros) identical in all respects to a Blancha garment of a very different quality.

Primark’s style

The post with which Primark presented his product on Instagram was a success. In a couple of days, the Irish brand received tens of thousands of likes, as well as avalanche compliments. Too bad that, as the Daily Record readily notes, the model is the same as the oversize coat from the winter collection of Blancha, a Tuscan clothing brand. The original garment is a shearling gem produced in Italy, whose quality in the design and production phase is reflected in the price. On Farfetch, the coat is offered for just under 1,800 euros.

The limits of fast fashion

Nothing new under the sun, the cynics will say. Fast fashion brands have always operated this way. The regret is that they still work like this. Primark has not published the data sheet of its version of the coat. But from the price, 98% lower than the original, we can deduce that it is not made of natural materials, and that it is hardly produced in Europe. In spring we wondered if the pandemic could push the fast fashion system to review its criteria, in favour of thoughtfulness and quality. It cannot be said that this is happening.

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