Bizzarri raises the bar pushing Gucci towards 6 billion euro turnover. The secret of success? “Always thinking as if we were a start-up …”

The occasion for these declarations was given by Bizzarri’s participation to a conference titled “Innovation and Speed” held on the 10th of November in Milan and organised by business consultants Pambianco and Deutsche Bank. Marco Bizzarri, currently at the head of Gucci business operations and considered the highest-rated luxury manager, took the stage to highlight the renewed interest of the public for the iconic Italian brand thanks to his business acumen as well as the creative lead of Gucci’s newly appointed designer Alessandro Michele. “From the actual 4 billion euros of turnover, we expect to move to 6 billion euros in the short term” Bizzarri said. Subsequently, he also shared his own vision for Gucci retailer premises picturing them as “a candy shop, where people come in, buy, have fun and go home loaded with sweets “. Lastly, he spoke about the internal structure of the florentine company in which, he said, “it’s vital having enormous flexibility, the ability to make decisions with little information, to work with people able to take risks and always think like a start-up and not as a 4 billion company.”


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