The chances that young US consumers are waiting for to spend in fashion

The chances that young US consumers are waiting for to spend in fashion

Apparel and footwear are in a transition phase, shifting toward a style that could be defined as hybrid. A study by Atomik Research, commissioned by PayPal, on 2,000 Gen Z and Millennials’ US consumers show what young people plan on buying at the start of summer. Birthdays, trips and dates are the things that most stimulated consumer interest.

Young consumers in the US

The research highlights the changes in spending patterns after the pandemic. Over 1/3 of Millennials and Gen Z consumers are shopping for something to wear at birthday parties, ¼ to travel and 1/5 for dates. Young consumers are looking for “nostalgic and comfortable looks” and often focus on what Paypal calls “transition wear”. 51% of women claimed they will purchase casual shoes, while 21% athleisure ones. 40% of men are focused on casual apparel, while 41% wants the same style for footwear.

No revenge shopping

But young consumers don’t seem to be too taken by the revenge shopping movement. Just the opposite, the study shows they pose great attention to their money: 58% of them, after all, has a small income. That’s why more and more often they choose to use “buy now, pay later” options. “The comeback of events inspires and motivates consumers to make purchases – concludes Jill Cress, VP of Consumer Marketing at PayPal –. At the same time, the public will need to pay a lot of attention to its expenses and financials”.

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