What’s the matter with you Dr. Martens? In their review of materials, they add “Vegan Leather”. There is no Vegan Leather though!

“It has been designed to provide the same performance as the authentic material, without any animal products though”. Sorry to let you down dear Dr. Martens, that’s not the way it is. In other words, using such terms to depict the “Vegan Leather” is not legitimate. And, with regard to consumers, it’s not fair either. Even the Brits are supposed to know that: if the product does not specifically derive from the processing of animal skins and hides, then it’s not leather. And you can’t call it leather. Dr. Martens, the British brand who’s renowned for its ankle boots, joins the list of the label reprobates. On their web portal, in their review of materials employed to make uppers (nappa, suede, full grain leather, and so on), Dr. Martens adds the above mentioned “Vegan Leather”: an old tricky wordplay that deceives and misleads customers by matching the prestigious quality of leather with a product which is by no means quality. Vegan leather does not bring luck to Dr. Martens (by the way, they can use proper terms, such as “synthetic material”, in their technical cards about single samples): in fact, last summer they had to withdraw a stock of shoes made in Vietnam. They better leave it.


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