Florence acquires again and studies the Village of Wonders

Florence acquires again and studies the Village of Wonders

To think that a week could pass without a Gruppo Florence acquisition is becoming almost impossible. The latest two, bringing the total number of companies in the portfolio to 28, were announced by CEO Attila Kiss (pictured here during the last edition of Lineapelle) to L’Economia by Il Corriere della Sera, in an interview that puts in black and white not only further expansion ambitions. Gruppo Florence is, in fact, preparing to launch the project for what it calls its Village of Wonders.

Florence acquires more

Gruppo Florence’s latest two acquisitions are a leather goods company from Scandicci, Trend, and a graphics and silk-screen printing company from Città di Castello, Red Pixel.  “But we are already in negotiations”, explains Kiss, “for new entries. We ask the companies we acquire to reinvest in the group. We are not only interested in acquiring the manufactures. The result is that all entrepreneurs, often several shareholders for each company, have so far always reinvested in the group”.

660 million euros

Today Florence, which has confirmed Francesco Trapani as president, “is worth 660 million euros with over 3,300 employees in 12 Italian regions. We collaborate with more than 70 international brands working in over 40 production sites, with more than 350 certified subcontractors. We are able to provide fashion houses with design, prototyping, engineering, production and quality control”. Areas of operation: “Clothing, footwear, leather goods, intermediate processing”. In other words, everything that makes fashion, that makes the supply chain and that makes Made in Italy.

The Village of Wonders

“The next step”, Kiss continues, “will be the creation of a large hub in Milan”. A real “Village of Wonders that will gather all the manufacturing skills we have involved in the Florence project”. Here “fashion houses and large luxury groups, without having to travel around Italy” will be able to “discover the potential of the various manufactures that are part of Gruppo Florence. It will be 2024’s project”.

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