Here are the names of those that want to enter Minerva Hub’s capital

Here are the names of those that want to enter Minerva Hub’s capital

There allegedly are 5 financial partners in the run to become members of Minerva Hub’s shareholders. The value of the group led by Matteo Marzotto is of more than 500 million euro, which keeps track of the 180 million euro with which it will close 2022. A value destined to increase from both an organic standpoint and thanks to new acquisitions. In perspective, there are 6 of them, and one will be announced by the end of the year. Among five main financial partners ready to invest in Minerva Hub, the names that emerged CVC Capital PartnersCarlyleInvestindustrial and TowerBrook Capital Partners.

Search for financial partner: here are the names

“We are looking for partners to increase our capital. A financial partner to continue and accelerate are next development phase”, explains to us Matteo Marzotto after we contacted him -. New capital that will mostly be used to make new acquisitions, “coherent with our industrial plan”. Marzotto repeats the wish to not give up the group’s command, but rather “find a partner with a strategic direction we share”. Minerva Hub charged Rothschild with the task to search within the marketplace, and some non-binding offers already showed up. According to BeBeez, 5 offers were received from CVC Capital Partners, Carlyle, Investindustrial and TowerBrook Capital Partners, respectively. Marzotto said to Il Corriere della Sera that the procedure will be closed by the start of 2023.

New capital for new acquisitions

Meanwhile, Minerva Hub is following its plan: it will present its newly acquired company before Christmas and 5 more will join during the 1st quarter of 2023. The revenue will go from 180 million euro to 300 million as a consequence. But the project is far from over. “We are looking at a pool of companies that has a joint revenue of over 1 billion euro”, confirms Marzotto.

Marta’s leather goods

The Veneto-based entrepreneur (in photo) also spoke about the activity of company Il Mondo di Marta, which is dedicated to his mother’s vision (Marta Marzotto). It presented its Home collection, and the next step will be leather goods, for which the license will be given to Elle Group. The latter will produce luggage and handbags on behalf of the brand.

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