Higher than pharmaceuticals: LVMH break CAC 40 record

Higher than pharmaceuticals: LVMH break CAC 40 record

At the end of Monday session, LVMH stock was going up by 20% in November part-time span. As a result, its market quotation at the Stock Exchange reached 250 billion euros, therefore breaking the Paris stock listing record. Shares held by the Arnault family have gone even beyond the summit previously reached by France Télécom (245 billion euros) and, as reported by Le Figaro, have been confirming a soaring growth: in 2018, LVMH price list amounted to 100 billion euros, while in 2019 it was 200 billion euros. Throughout 2020, the group’s business performance proved better than Sanofi’s, a pharmaceutical multinational corporation.


Furthermore, LVMH amazing performance is also a record-breaking one as for domestic CAC 40, which is the index of the 40 best-quoted stocks among the top 100 French companies listed at the Paris Stock Exchange. At present, the luxury group is worth as much as the last 17 stocks ranked in the index, all together. As highlighted by Les Echos, in 2020 the average trend of CAC 40, heavily affected and hit by coronavirus outbreak, has been -8%. Conversely, LVMH enjoyed a 19% increase: thanks to such boost, they could outdo former record holder Sanofi, which have gone down to third place behind L’Oréal.

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