Luxury at the Stock Exchange: a report, carried out by UBS, says what stocks to sell, to buy, to hold

What luxury stocks are to be bought? Which ones are to be sold? Detailed instructions are provided by UBS and their financial analysts, who carried out a specific report over the subject. The news has been reported by Milano Finanza. Here is a list of stocks to be bought, as they may well guarantee sound margins of gain: Kering (+8% since the beginning of the year, though its potential increase might reach 48%); Hermès (+11% since the beginning of the year, +23% potentially); LVMH (+8%, to possibly augment by 29%) and Hugo Boss: although it dropped by 12%, it might potentially rise by 36%. Here is a list of stocks not to be bought, in contrast: Tod’s (-23% since the beginning of the year) and Ferragamo (-6%), which is advisable “to sell”. Then Richemont (-20%), whose rating is neutral. Then, rather “unexpectedly”, two more brand stocks whose business trend has been running positively since the beginning of the year: despite that, UBS has been assigning a neutral rating. The former is Prada (10%), “since the actual price is 31 Hong Kong dollars, 6% higher than current listing”. The latter is Moncler (+16%), whose “target price is 39 euros, which implies a potential increase by 30%”. For both brands, especially Moncler more than Prada, respective actual prices, fixed by analysts and advisors, are far too high and might be reached only through a terrific expansion. UBS are a little sceptical about that. Wondering who’s going to be right.


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