A paradox with Dr Martens: in the UK orders are booming, but deliveries are very late. The brand: “We apologize”

Dr Martens brand has become so fashionable again that, ironically enough, it cannot keep up with its popularity. Looks like a paradox, but that’s the way it is. In fact, in the United Kingdom deliveries are not able to meet and keep up with such a fast demand. Over the last weeks, Lyst, a global fashion search engine, had certified that the brand was back: according to some data, provided by the platform, in 2018 last quarter online searches for the brand increased by 110%, compared to 2017 same period. Moreover, from October to December 2018 #DrMartens was mentioned in Instagram nearly two million times. Founded 72 years ago, in December the brand launched a partnership project with American designer Marc Jacobs; a few days ago, they also launched a capsule which hints at Sex Pistols pictures. As a result, according to some announcements made by a few independent retailers and subsequently reported by Drapers, deliveries of Dr Martens products are very late. Someone argues that problems began in September 2018, and others remark that some orders have been cancelled. A spokesperson for Dr Martens confirmed that the increase in demand, along with a few distribution problems, caused deliveries to be delayed. “We would like to apologize to our clients for such delays. We are working extremely hard to solve the problem in a timely manner, and we are also planning to use an additional storehouse for the shipment and the invoicing of our products”, pointed out the spokesperson for the brand. In 2013, after manufacturing without interruption for 53 years, the brand was sold by R. Griggs & Co to Permira, a British investment company. Selling price was about 300 million British pounds.


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