Portugal’s Couro Azul allocate 10 million euros investments to enhance leather finishing and cut

They are about to allocate a 10-million-euro fund to enhance leather finishing and cutting areas and, more generally, to boost their production capacity. Such is the plan carried out by Couro Azul tannery, located in Alcanena (Portugal), to foster the company’s business, which currently hires 530 employees; their yearly turnover reaches 70 million euros. In doing so, they also aim to meet the growing demand that comes from the “automotive, plane and train interiors” sectors, as reported by Jornal do Negocios; for the same reason, they have already rented a large pavilion 5,000 square metres wide. Following the public announcement of such investments plan, Pedro Carvalho, president of Couro Azul’s board of directors, met up with some members of Portugal’s government. During the meeting, the leather manager openly asked the public administration to actively support companies, by implementing both light actions, such as better regulations and softer bureaucracy, and heavy interventions as well (building new harbours and infrastructures).



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