Bikkembergs gives its shoes’ production to Hong Kong-based Global Brand Group: is this isn’t a goodbye to made-in-Italy goods, it isn’t far from it

Production and distribution of Bikkembergs’ footwear went from being entrusted to Zeis Excelsa, to Global Brand Group Holding, Hong Kong-based business. This decision tells the last chapter of the story tied to the Belgian footwear brand, which, in recent times, had gone from dealing with a lawsuit with the Italian IRS (Agenzie delle entrate), to its third-party manufacturer, Zeis Excelsa, asking for an “arrangement with creditors”.

The choice of partnership

Planning the future. Levitas, the company that owns the Dirk Bikkinbergs brand, and whose majority is detained by Modern Avenue Fashion Group (ex Canudilo), has decided to interrupt its partnership with Italian manufacturers Zeis Excelsa, with the Spring-summer 2019 collection. Starting with the following winter collection, the chain will move to Hong Kong. By choosing Global Brands Group, Levitas entrusts production to a giant that is already planning, creating, developing, and retailing, branded goods such as those (among others) of Calvin Klein, Katy Perry, and AllSaints.


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