Brazil’s footwear exports down 32.7% because of the USA and China

Brazil’s footwear exports down 32.7% because of the USA and China

Brazil’s footwear exports have been decreasing by nearly 33% over the first eight months of 2020. The USA, which are the main end market, and Chinese footwear industry, which is enjoying a recovery, are most accountable for that. Italy currently purchases shoes from Brazil at 6.13 dollars a pair and sells them to the South American country at nearly 110 dollars a pair.

Brazil’s footwear exports

The business trend has been affected by the international market instability, especially in the United States. From January to August 2020, Brazil’s footwear exports have been dropping, on annual basis, by 32.7% in terms of value and have gone down by 25.2% in terms of volumes.

Overall, they exported 56.4 million pairs of shoes: revenues from sales amounted to 437.15 million dollars.

Abicalçados analysis

According to Abicalçados, the Brazilian footwear industries association, downturn in exports will supposedly slow down in the last months of the year. President Haroldo Ferreira claimed that sales will be expectedly decreasing, at the end of the year, by around 27%. “The pandemic, caused by Covid-19 outbreak, has been heavily affecting international footwear industry. We have lost ground on a few important markets – he pointed out – such as the United States; besides that, Chinese footwear industry enjoyed a swifter recovery, which amplified international competition”.

Data and figures

From January to August, Brazil exported to Italy 1.16 million pairs of shoes (that is, +26.7% compared to the same months of 2019): revenues from sales reached 7.16 million dollars (-7.3%). Average price is 6.13 dollars a pair. Conversely, Italy exported to Brazil nearly 105,000 pairs of shoes: average selling price is nearly 110 dollars a pair. The overall turnover amounts to 11.5 million dollars. That means, therefore, a 39.3% downturn in volumes and a 44.3% decrease in terms of value.

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