Brazil’s meat industry goes great in 2018 as livestock units increase by 3.4%. As well, tanneries buy bigger quantities of raw hides

La carne brasiliana vola: a ottobre l’export è da record

In 2018, Brazil’s meat industry achieved an outstanding performance, as production enjoyed a boost in 17 out of 27 federal states (Unidades federativas); as for livestock units, over 12 months they killed 31.9 million bovines, therefore increasing by 3.4% on annual basis. Record accomplishments then. Out of the states, Mato Grosso placed first, as its manufacturing share accounted for 16.4%; Mato Grosso do Sul was the runner-up (10.3%), while Goiàs placed third (10.1%). IBGE, Brazil’s national institute of statistics, have provided such data. They also reported that in 2018 tanneries bought bigger quantities of raw hides, +3%, compared to 2017. IBGE have processed such information based on a survey carried out among a number of selected companies, which manufacture at least 3 million hides a year.


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