British rumours: allegedly, Permira fund is planning to sell Dr.Martens after revamp

Is Dr.Martens for sale? Possibly, according to the assumption made public, in the United Kingdom, by Sky News. In fact, based on a few sources of information, Permira fund (which bought the brand six years ago for 300 million British pounds and revamped it) is allegedly appointing a few banks to consider and examine some “possible options for the brand”. As reported by Sky News, quoting their own information suppliers, yesterday Permira “decided to closely evaluate and assess the brand’s potential, aiming at a possible listing in the USA or planning to sell it to important strategic buyers”. They are going to appoint banks ahead of summer. Dr.Martens current price is supposedly much higher (more than double) than the one paid by Permira. Looking at the financial year, ended on 31 March 2018, Dr.Martens sales increased in double figures (they went up by 20%, therefore reaching 348.6 million pounds); profits enjoyed a boost as well. The brand is currently running around 100 stores and hires 2,000 employees. In 2000, the company relocated its manufacturing to the Far East; 7 years later, they moved it back to the home factory though. One of the major issues Dr.Martens has to deal with is its limited production, compared to the amount of orders: Permira fund had better pay close attention to that, considering they have already invested 2 million euros, which might not be enough though. That is why they are looking for capital assets, or might even decide to sell.

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