Christian’s version: from Exor to ‘repugnant’ plastic clogs

Christian's version: from Exor to 'repugnant' plastic clogs

From the “new, benevolent and brotherly look” he found in Exor to plastic clogs, which he finds “repugnant“. Christian Louboutin, on the occasion of the Hyères International Festival, gave some rather interesting interviews. In particular, he talked about his relationship with the new minority shareholder, Exor (the Agnelli family‘s financial holding, led by John Elkann, in the box). And he dotted the ‘i’s’ on his idea of fashion, referring above all to accessories and their role.

Christian’s version

“We live in a pretty repulsive time. When I see plastic clogs, I find them super repulsive, (but) there are so many (these) things that are considered very fashionable,” the designer tells AFP. But there is also an almost paradoxical connotation, because Louboutin himself has said he feels “very interested” in “certain forms of ugliness“. Then, when asked what the role of the fashion accessory is, he replies “to emphasise“. In other words, “to put very personal accents on a standardised form of dress. The accessory speaks more of the personality, in a subtle way”.

Exor’s entry

To Fashion Network, however, Louboutin spoke about the opening to outside capital, which took place with Exor, which paid out 541 million euros last March to buy 24% of the brand. “I questioned the way I had run my company until then, and I wanted to change. I thought it would be interesting to acquire a different approach from people outside my universe. I was looking for a new look, benevolent and fraternal, not the paternalistic one from someone telling you what to do. Exor group, with its technical knowledge in various fields, such as China, ideally responded to these criteria”. What has changed with Exor’s arrival? “Nothing, except for the meetings, that allow me to express myself and be clear”.

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