Clarks in turmoil: 109 employees on a warpath

Clarks in turmoil: 109 employees on a warpath

Clarks in turmoil. Lion Rock Capital, a recently majority shareholder of the British company, is looking to fire and then hire 109 of the 145 employees at the Somerset warehouse. An operation that would cause the use of contracts that are worse than the current ones. The arm wrestle could lead to a strike. Clarks will present official documents this week to initiate a consultation with unions and employees that could last 45 days.

Clarks in turmoil

The new contract proposed to the 109 workers would provide for a wage that is about 15% lower than the current one. But, also, 3 days of vacation less, a worse welfare, putting an end to the 10-minutes breaks and free hot drinks supply. According to the BBC, Clarks would like to fire employees and then re-hire them under new conditions. Community, the union representing the employees, said all options are being considered to contrast the company’s intentions, including a strike.

“Clarks is currently consulting unions and employees on changes in the terms and working conditions for all operators. As we are in a consultation period, we are unable to provide further comment at this moment”. According to the newspaper, Clarks’ hope is to find a deal without having to fire and hire again.

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