Despite crisis, Maroquinerie 35 expands and redoubles factories

Despite crisis, Maroquinerie 35 expands and redoubles factories

Maroquinerie 35 expands. The French company, which is a contractor for leather goods made by fashion top brands, is about to enlarge its own plants located in the town of Liffré, not far from Rennes. Here they formerly opened a factory in September 2019; now they have focused their interest on a neighbouring plot of land. Work staff will expectedly reach 250 units in total.

September 2019

In September 2019, Eric Martin-Lalande, who owns Maroquinerie 35 alongside some more trade companies, decided to open a new manufacturing plant in the town of Liffré, in Brittany. Today, after just leaving behind them the health emergency worst phase (a heavy crisis is still affecting several trade industries though), the French entrepreneur announced, on (from which we have taken the screenshot in the picture), they are about to expand shortly.

Current manufacturing site, which focuses production on third party leather goods for the luxury industry, rises up in the town industrial area. The factory will supposedly expand in the months to come.

Maroquinerie 35 expands

As reported by the French news website, allegedly the company has made an investment in a plot of land extending across 21,000 square metres, situated not far from the former place. In the end, the new laboratory will supposedly occupy a space extending across 4,000 to 4,500 square metres.

“The building construction will take 12 months – pointed out Eric Martin-Lalande while speaking to –. Building activities are due to be completed by the end of 2021”. At present about 40 workers are employed in the former manufacturing plant, though the company’s work staff will expectedly reach 200 to 250 units in total. Supposedly, they will reach top employment within five years.

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