Ecco to challenge the market by launching 3D shoes while setting new projects for the future after increasing business (+5%, 1,2 billion euros)

Ecco go up again and focus on 3D shoes aiming at matching competitiveness with online sales. The Danish footwear brand reached 1,276 billion euros, in terms of revenues, at the end of 2017, as their turnover increased by 5%. After tax profits amounted to 184 million euros, that is, +10% compared to 2016. Online sales have been growing by 47%, thus driving considerably retail business, which increased by 21%. “In 2018 we expect to confirm and strengthen the accomplishments we achieved in the previous year; therefore we do not expect further expansion. On the other hand, this is going to be the right time to take into consideration a few partnerships to implement new development projects in the retail business”, pointed out Steen Borgholm, chief executive officer of Ecco. The Danish company, which currently employ over 21,000 people all over the world, looks at the future by manufacturing 3D shoes. The name of the experimental project, set by Innovation Lab Ecco (ILE), is Quant-U: it puts together 3D scan and 3D print for customized footwear. It is going to be launched in the company’s concept store, located in Amsterdam. A selected group of people will personally see, for a week, how 3D print technology actually works. As announced by the company, the implementing process will go through three different phases: firstly, a real time evaluation (thanks to their cooperation with Cambridge Design Partnership, they will be able to scan the customer’s foot just in 30 seconds). Secondly, a data based design (thanks to a peculiar software, developed in collaboration with Fashion Lab, by Dassault Systèmes, they will create a customized midsole 3D model). Ultimately, a 3D print in the store, carried out by using German RepRap, a customized augmented manufacturing method. Footwear midsoles will be printed on silicone, developed by Dow Chemical Company.


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