Cotance persuade the DG GROW to take action on leather genuineness. Not immediately though, because of legal deadlines

EU is going to hear the tanning industry on leather genuineness. On July 5, a group of representatives of the leather industry, led by Andreas Kindermann, president of Cotance, had a meeting, in Brussels, with Slawomir Tokarski, general director of the European Commission’s Department of Growth (DG Grow). UNIC – Italian Tanneries also took part in the meeting. The topical issue they discussed was a check on the progress of the work on leather genuineness. The tanning representatives stressed the fact that the industry needs some regulations, on which they may rely, to safeguard leather from fake material competitors and, at the same time, protect consumers from daily commercial frauds. Likewise, Cotance and its national tanning associations pointed out they are ready to support the department throughout the legislative procedure. Tokarski’s response was positive: in fact, he will be available to meet them again, to discuss the issue more closely, after summer. Tangible outcomes will not be immediate though, clearly remarked DG GROW director. In 2019, they are going to renew the European Commission: for the time being, he is committed to submitting the petition before the next EU Parliament.


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