Ethiopia my love: Pittards invest again in the African country

Pittards invest (again) in Ethiopia. After opening a leather gloves manufacturing plant and a shoe factory, the first one, to support a previously running tannery based in Ejersa (in the pictures taken from, the British group have now decided to enhance the latter to “seize the full potential of the industry”. Chief Executive Officer Reg Hankey pointed out in the group’s annual report: “In Ethiopia we have been focusing our work strategy on the development of finished products. That is why we have augmented our footwear production capacity by making some investments in staff and machinery – added the manager –.Therefore, our unit increased its range of product supply as well as its volumes to become a relevant benchmark”. In 2018, Pittards invested in their manufacturing plants in Ethiopia 600,000 British pounds overall; most of all, they bought drums and fleshing machines for the Ejersa tannery. It is not just that though. “On top of that, we are planning to keep investing in machinery and equipment in the first months of 2019 – remarked Hankey –: we are going to take a splitting machine, two measurers and a shaving machine”. During 2018, Pittards signed a partnership agreement with Soul of Africa cooperative, which is committed to inclusive projects focused on leather processing, and Vivo Barefoot brand. The company also announced the launch of a new collaboration with “another niche brand”.


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