Footwear 2017: sneakers are sold out in the States, and the loser is… heel

It is not a big news that sneakers were a bestseller in the US footwear market, in 2017. Some figures, provided by Edited, a research project, are now confirming such trend. Retail stores intentionally increased their inventory by 46,8%, compared to the previous year. Very good choice indeed, since in the segment (including both technical and fashion models) “sold out” collections went up by 54%. Likewise, as for new models, sales increased by over 62%, and 37% of them did not have any unsold stocks. “In the United States most customers are longing for a more active lifestyle – points out Katie Smith, retail analyst of Edited -, that’s why many brands have boosted their technology development to better meet such demand. Some product lines, such as Flyknit and “energy return” shoe sole, are bound to enhance the consumer’s prospective needs. And they are trendy as well”. The survey also highlights the reinforcement of flat soles: “Other than sneakers, clients tend to buy ballet flats or slippers, whose sales increased by 8,9% in 2018”. Due to this “trend changing”, according to the definition given by Edited, heels have been losing ground. “Retail stores increased deliveries by 28%, though sold out percentage dropped by nearly 30%”.


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