Brian Henke, former Prada top manager, is the new Versace CEO in the States. Keep pushing!

Versace USA have signed Brian Henke, formerly hired by Prada and Jimmy Choo. He will be the new CEO, as he will be replacing Michele Soldi, who quit the job (on top since 2009) to turn himself to consultant. Henke was employed at Prada for 11 years – getting the retail vice-chairmanship of Prada USA- as well as at Jimmy Choo for 8 years- as chairman of the American branch. Henke’s appointment comes after Jonathan Akeroyd’s appointment as Gianni Versace CEO. Henke is expected to pursue with Soldi’s excellent work: in 2015 Versace’s revenues amounted to 645 million euros, +17, 5% compared to the year before. Earnings coming from one-brand-shops reached 400, 7 million euros, +29% compared to the year before.


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